About the system

A professional solution for specialists in all industries, builders and designers, metrologists, laboratory workers and other professionals who use regulatory and technical information in their work. The system is designed to meet the needs of specialists, includes the tools necessary for working with regulations and excludes unnecessary functionality, thanks to which the CBS interface is simple and understandable, and the cost of the solution is suitable for any organization.


Library card

  • Save your money by providing access only to those standards that are used in the work;
  • The possibility of returning unused standards in the work, as a result of cost savings;
  • All documents of the library are available for viewing, from any collection.}

Document Formats

  • Smart T - text version of the document with all the changes and amendments made, for comfortable work Scanned copy of the official publication to view the authentic text;
  • Drawings in DWG format for modification to fit your needs;
  • Tagged requirements for the text of the document for quick orientation in the text;
  • Digital requirements for the purpose of transferring information to production and creating internal documents.


  • Intelligent search - processing requests in a free form;
  • Attribute search - search by known attributes of the document, designed to more accurately display the result of a search query.

Link analysis

  • Control of the reference mass of enterprise documents.

Adding internal standards and maintaining an electronic archive of enterprise documentation

  • Creation of a fund of internal documents to create a unified knowledge base of the enterprise and optimize costs;
  • Instant informing of all employees about changes in the fund;
  • Search for all documents in a single information space to save time;
  • Establishment of a hyperlink link in internal documents, between internal documents and library documents, for prompt decision making;
  • Control of the reference mass of internal documents to ensure the maintenance of the quality of products and services;
  • Flexible management of document settings and control of access rights to documents in the system.

Documents under control

  • Prompt notification of changes to important documents in the work.


  • Create your own collections of standards, with the subsequent ability to share them with colleagues.

Standardization news

  • A news compilation on standardization is regularly published on the library's home page.

Requirements tagging

  • Convenience and increased speed of working with standards.

Recent opened documents

  • Quick access to previously viewed texts.

Automated service for the development of internal standards of the organization

  • Creation of product requirements in digital format;
  • Harmonization and approval of standards in one system;
  • Maintaining the relevance of the reference mass of internal standards;
  • Comparison of editions of standards.

Relationship of the nomenclature with the requirements of the standards

  • Formation and control of requirements for purchased products in digital format;
  • Building a connection between your own requirements and standards.

Legal regulation

The provision of regulatory and technical information as part of the CBS, as publicly available, is carried out on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation on information.

The law on information proclaims free access to information, in particular, the law establishes that organizations have the right to search for and receive any information in any form and from any source. The Law on Technical Regulation in Articles 43 and 44 and the Law on Standardization in Articles 10 and 28 declare the availability of this information.

Thus, free access to regulatory and technical information is legally established, as well as, to ensure this, the obligation of its official publication, publication and distribution. Ensuring the widest possible access to official STI is the goal of state policy in this area - articles 3 and 12 of the Law on Information.

Inclusion and further provision of regulatory and technical information as part of bases data is carried out in accordance with Article 13 of the Law on Information, which establishes that the procedure for the creation and operation of information systems that are not state or municipal information systems is determined by the operators of such information systems - persons engaged in the operation of the information system, including information processing contained in its bases data.

At the same time, the provision of regulatory and technical information is not carried out in the form of official publications, as a result of which it does not comply with the procedure for publication, distribution and copying, approved by the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia dated February 26, 2018 Ud 522. If it is necessary to purchase an official publication, the issue is resolved on an individual request.

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