Designers and constructors in design and construction organizations


  • Execution of construction contracts within the contractual terms;
  • Continuity of production processes;
  • Creation of safe working conditions;
  • Implementation of construction in accordance with applicable regulations and codes of practice;
  • Availability of a WEP (project for the production of works) for each type of work during construction, including in case of verification by Rostekhnadzor. According to SP 48.13330.2019.

Access to the CBS is the absence of a headache for the Head:

Control of the standards used at the expense of a library card, Confidence in their relevance and, as a result, in the quality of work, will reduce the risk of receiving fines for non-compliance with the deadlines for completing work and the requirements of regulatory authorities.

1The current requirements of the standards will allow you to reduce the time required for the development of project documentation.
2The web service will make it possible to access the library even at the site.
3Availability of base typical WEP in the format DWG simplify and speed up the process of developing project documentation.
4Personal folders and a built-in module for adding documents will allow you to store documentation for each project in a structured way.
5updated base standards will allow you to comply with all safety and labor protection requirements.
6An electronic library card will allow you to pay only for the information you need in your work.

Specialists, technologists of laboratories and certification bodies


  • Organization of the technological process;
  • Ensuring the production of quality products;
  • Creation of safe working conditions;
  • Minimization of technological losses;
  • Prompt correction of possible violations.

Access to CBS is a competitive enterprise and manager's confidence:

It is possible to solve organizational problems in a timely and efficient manner due to the regularly updated library of standards, which allows you to quickly learn about new requirements and standards, which is a fertile ground for the further development of the enterprise.

Having up-to-date standards requirements will allow you to:

1Prepare for accreditation.
2Pass inspections of regulatory and supervisory authorities.
3Reduce the amount of waste in the organization.
4Improve the quality of manufactured products.
5Speed up the certification process.
6Be confident in the future.

CBS is a solution for a specialist in any industry


  • Ensure the release of safe products that do not threaten the environment;
  • Ensure interchangeability, and most importantly, compatibility of products, ensure the proper quality of goods;
  • Establish unity in measurements;
  • Secure economic facilities, prevent natural and man-made disasters;
  • Perform production processes and services in compliance with regulations and standards.
CBS is a reliable source for obtaining and working with documents, standards, regulations and many other regulations.

CBS will provide:

1Access to a comprehensive library of regulations across all industries.
2Uninterrupted access to the texts of documents.
3Possibility of forming own collections of standards for each specialist.
4Prompt notification of changes in documents.
5Intuitive interface.
6Access from anywhere without restrictions in functionality (office, branch, facility, remote).

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